How will my child be settled into the nursery?
It is really important that all children in the nursery should be treated with great care and consideration. A new child should feel comfortable, safe and integrated into the life of Nurture Day Nurseries as quickly as possible. We understand that parents will feel overwhelmed and the process slightly daunting, every care is taken to alleviate any concerns. We have a documented settling in process which details how we would introduce your child to our environment depending on their confidence at each stage. We will walk you through our process when you visit the nursery and it can be tweaked to suit your child’s needs.

What is The Parent Portal?
The Parent Portal is an innovative online communication tool that allows parents direct and secure access to their invoices, sessions booked and the information we have about their child. Once a child is enrolled a parent can request a log-on username and password. The Parent Portal allows requests for additional sessions and any changes to their child's information. A great way for the nursery and parents to stay in touch 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

How do you deal with allergies?
Allergies are documented from the outset in the enrolment process and filtered to all concerned at Nurture Day Nurseries, whether it be the kitchen staff, the dedicated child care specialist or the whole team. We have a specific Allergy Policy which highlights the rigour and procedure we execute.

Do you have outside space?
Fresh air and outdoor play is vital for a child, we ensure all children get plenty of it! Outside space is available with regular activities taking place out in the fresh air.

Do you take the children for outings?
Children love an expedition! We will take children on all sorts of adventures from walks in the park, visits to the shopping area and library, boat trips, zoos, aquariums. Our enrolment forms cover consent for local outings, however trips further a field require additional parental consent.

What fees do you charge?

Our fees can be found at the bottom of each page within the Nurture Nurseries section or within this document.

Do you offer the government free early learning scheme for children over 3 years old?

We are registered to claim the nursery education funding for children over 3 years old. We will automatically claim for your child when they become eligible (the term after their 3rd birthday). Parents are required to sign a declaration each term to clarify they are not claiming elsewhere. Parents are also responsible for advising us of any change to circumstances or child's details. Fees continue to be paid on a standing order basis but you will see a reduction. We are a full day care provider and therefore do not offer just the funded hours during term time. For more information see our Nurture Day Nurseries Fee Structure

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we welcome a variety of childcare voucher schemes to help parents pay their fees. We can provide you with our membership numbers when you join. Unfortunately we do not accept paper childcare vouchers, only electronic.

What are the child to staff ratios?

Every child has a dedicated keyworker who will provide feedback on your child’s development and is responsible for keeping track of their development and next steps. We also maintain our staff to child ratios as follows: For children aged 6 months to 2 years: 1 staff to every 3 children. For children aged 2 years to 3 years: 1 staff to every 4 children. For children above 3 years old: 1 staff to every 8 children. We have additional "floating" staff in the nurseries that support the room leaders. A key attribute of both our nurseries is that the nursery manager and deputy are supernumerary (out of ratio) and therefore are always available and walking through the rooms. We believe that nurseries need more core staff than just meeting ratios, to fully support operationally and provide a familiar, friendly face to cover ratios during periods of annual leave and sickness.

What clothing does my child need?

At nursery, we recommend clothes that are weather dependant for that day and clothing that is easy for your child to handle whilst using the toilet. We strongly advocate packing spare clothes, warmer / cooler layers, spare pants (if applicable) waterproof outerwear and indoor / outdoor shoes. All spare clothes should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. With the activities the children participate in and their tendency to get messy, we request their best clothes are not worn.

How are fees paid?

Fees are charged via a calendar monthly system and bank transferred directly into our account. Nurture Day Nurseries has a full fee structure and terms & conditions to articulate all our information regarding fees. We invoice for the following month's childcare on the 14th of each month, this is payable by the 28th of that month.

Can my child bring personal toys and items from home?

We do not recommend children bringing in their own toys from home. We have plenty! Nurture Day Nurseries cannot take responsibility for toys that are lost or broken. Younger children are allowed to bring in a comforter and we encourage parents to provide a familiar sleeping bag for their babies.

How do you maintain relationships with Parents?

Within all rooms we communicate what children have eaten, drunk, sleep times and activities they have taken part in. The personal handover at the end of the day with a member of staff will therefore be centred around their mood during the day, what new things they said or did and what they enjoyed. We find this approach more specific and meaningful for each individual. We hold regular parents evenings where we discuss your child's development and we also have information evenings where you can learn more about home learning and our educational programme. The nurseries enjoy hosting BBQs, Garden Parties and Christmas shows!

What are your security measures to ensure my child is not released to an unauthorised person?
Security is incredibly strict at the establishment, we would like to make you aware of our approach: Entrance doors are opened by a member of staff who have verified the visitor or parent via video intercom. The Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager and keyperson for that child will meet the parents at enrolment. Children will be released to parent-authorised people via prior arrangements and notifications established at enrolment. Photographs of parents, other family members or friends that do pick up a child have to be provided by the parent and kept on file for verification. Each child has a password associated with him / her. This is set up by the parent and is unique to that child. If a non-parent picks the child up from the nursery, they must confirm the password to a member of staff. This will be verified against the child enrolment records. If in any doubt, one of the parents will be contacted.

Where can I view your policies and procedures?

Nurture Day Nurseries has a vast array of policies and procedures to govern the effective running of the business. If you would like to view this documentation then we would be happy to walk you through any topic when you visit the nursery. Following an initial chat, we can email you the documentation for your records. A set of relevant policies is part of the Parent Handbook and Enrolment process.

Why do you only provide 2 days, 3 days or 5 days of childcare?
In our experience and opinion we feel that having a child in our care for only one day a week does not allow the child to settle into our environment as they forget the routine, staff, other children and also get very distressed saying goodbye to their parents each week. Therefore we believe a minimum of two consecutive days of childcare are enough to make the child feel happier and the transition to nursery a whole lot smoother. As we are not providing 1 day sessions, this means we cannot offer a 4 day service due to planning and operational constraints. The only 4-day option we have available is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (every day but Wednesday) because this is technically both of our 2-day options put together. 

If you have any questions please contact us where we would be happy to answer as quickly as possible.